About Us


Our Counseling Philosophy

 Hope Counseling Clinic offers  counseling from a relational and integrative approach and from a Christian perspective. Our  counselors utilize evidence-based and relevant approaches from  psychology and integrate them with God's truth from scripture.  We  prayerfully seek to compassionately and honestly apply God’s truth and  invite His healing into the hearts of those who find themselves  struggling with life’s most difficult circumstances.  Our team works  towards helping clients turn their chaos, pain, and confusion into  peace, health, and restoration.


Treatment Approach

 We offer a variety of services including: Individual, Couples, Family, Group and Premarital counseling. Our counselors utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches and  techniques when working with the individualized needs of each client.  Some of the treatment approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT),  Solution-Focused, Relational, Dialectical  Behavioral Therapy (DBT), EMDR, and ART (Accelerated  Resolution Therapy). Utilizing our multiple play therapy rooms, our counselors are able to work with children using the child's primary language of play. 


A Message of Hope

 Where have you lost hope? Is it your marriage, your child, or perhaps your own sense of identity and worth? You may be wondering if you can ever feel joy again?  HCC was formed with the belief that hope is a  fundamental ingredient for healing and growth. It is the foundation that offers the motivation to keep trying when you feel like quitting. Do not give in to hopelessness and defeat. Press on to uncover all that God has for you. It is our honor and privilege to walk with you as you explore the sacred ground where your  heart is made new before a holy and loving God.